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GRIP plug-in introduced to Tekla Warehouse

Tekla users can now use the new GRIP plug-in to add a GRIP Recess Plate into precast wall designs together with SUMO® Wall Shoes, or into any other joint that requires improved shear resistance. The GRIP Recess Plate ensures a rough concrete surface in accordance with EN 1992-1-1 (section 6.2.5).

The plug-in is straightforward and generates the GRIP Recess Plate as a single piece or a continuous line on a single structural element.

The GRIP is defined in a 3D space using four points. The first point marks the part (structural element) to which the GRIP should be attached. Points 2 and 3 are the beginning and end of the GRIP line, resulting in 1-meter-long GRIP pieces between those two points, or one single piece of any length required. The fourth point determines the rotation angle.

The GRIP Recess Plate is introduced into the model as a steel plate with no embossments.

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