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KONAT™ Consoles – The smart way to connect DELTABEAM® with ATLANT® composite columns

Peikko is introducing a family of consoles that enables efficient connections of DELTABEAM® composite beams with ATLANT® composite columns

Efficiency of DELTABEAM® composite beams and ATLANT® composite columns is maximized when the joints of those elements provide easy, fast, and safe installation of both structural elements. KONAT™ consoles family provides that for multistory columns frames.

The KONAT™ family contains tree types of consoles (KONAT™ Robust, KONAT™ and KONAT™ Multi). Combination of the KONAT™ consoles and its variations with and without locking bolts provide possibilities to meet requirements even for high complexity projects.

The most capable KONAT™ Robust consoles are designed to handle vertical loads up to 1500 kN. Additionally, the patented lock type solution ensures ductile behavior, when transferring horizontal loads in accidental situations, and it meets the robustness requirements in accidental situations according to EN 1991-1-7.

KONAT™ consoles can seamlessly connect all sizes of DELTABEAM® composite beams to ATLANT® composite columns for cases when the inbuilt tying resistance is no needed. As in KONAT™ Robust option, the different number of gusset plates enable the application even for heavily reinforced ATLANT® columns.

KONAT™ Multi provides possibility to connect multiple DELTABEAM® composite beams with each ATLANT® column. The beams can be connected in any desirable angles, which provides the architectural flexibility for the building design.

The KONAT™ design for ambient temperature and fire situations is based on Eurocodes. With the complete solution provided by Peikko, including design, manufacturing and the delivery, the construction process is as close to effortless as it can be.

For more information read about DELTABEAM® Frame components and see the KONAT™ Brochure.