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Meet Fedor Bondarev from Peikko Russia

As part of our marketing theme 2020, The Year of The Designer, we have also interviewed our own employees, structural engineers who are working at Peikko units all over the world.

Read a new story and meet  Fedor Bondarev from Peikko Russia.

Why have you chosen to study civil engineering?

When I faced that choice, I considered two professions: a programmer and a civil engineer. Since childhood I loved computers and everything related to modern technologies. Finally, I decided to study civil engineering, because my parents are also engineers, and also because it was the most prestigious specialty at that moment.

When did you start in Peikko and what is your job in Peikko about?

I joined Peikko in February 2018 as a sales engineer, when the new Peikko plant was launched in St. Petersburg and the company needed a specialist who could concentrate on working with DELTABEAM®. The tasks were very diverse, starting from preparing presentations and translating technical literature, ending with visiting clients and making calculations. In general, such a variety of work is one of the main advantages of working at Peikko for me. The company always encourages its employees to develop in different directions and try something new. Now, I work as a Senior Project Engineer and actively participate in the work on all projects with DELTABEAM® in Russia, the number of which, by the way, is constantly growing.

What do you like most about your job?

The most exciting aspect of working at Peikko for me is the feeling that you are working with unique technologies that many people, particularly in Russia, have never even heard of. I always feel great pleasure when I manage to implement our technologies in projects, especially in cases where traditional solutions do not give our clients the desired result. The feeling of being a forerunner is worth it.

What projects that you did in Peikko are you most proud of?

The most important project for me is the residential building in Kazakhstan, where DELTABEAM® produced in Russia were first applied. That project was a stretch not only for me, but for the whole Peikko Russia. Another project that I can be proud of is a school in Petrozavodsk, for which DELTABEAM® were not only produced in St. Petersburg, but also designed by our team.

What is the strangest/craziest thing you have had in your work or were asked by a customer?

The craziest story happened to me and the Head of our technical department, Igor Tikhonov, when we had to present the installation of DELTABEAM® for the customer right at the facility in Kazakhstan. We were supposed to fly from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan via Moscow, but the flight was delayed and to get to our destination we had to spend the night at the airport, then fly to Samara (a city on the border with Kazakhstan) and from there go to Uralsk, where the facility was located. In the end, we had to cross the border on foot, look for a lift, since there was no taxi at the border and drive to the construction site at high speed. Luckily, we managed to arrive on time and successfully held the presentation.

What are your biggest interests outside working life?

I am interested in 3D graphics and robotics, I read a lot of materials on these topics. In my free time I try to do fitness (to be honest, not as often as I would like), as well as to walk around beautiful St. Petersburg with my friends. But my main hobby is travelling, to which I still cannot get back due to the outbreak of the pandemic. I have always liked to learn something new, to communicate with people from other countries, because in every culture you can find something amazing to explore.


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