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New BOLDA® Column Shoe introduced in the Peikko Designer® 2.3.0 Release

BOLDA® Column Shoe is the successor of the PEC® Column Shoe with many benefits over the predecessor model. The design of the BOLDA® Column Connection is more compact - the necessary column cross-section is smaller compared to the same design done with the PEC®. Therefore, the carbon footprint can be effectively reduced by reducing the dimensions of the structural elements. With BOLDA®, you can spend less time optimizing the structure.

The additional advantages of using BOLDA® are as follows:

  • The bending resistance factor ƞd is 1.0. This means that the design, which is based on connection performance, will not yield to smaller tension design resistance.
  • No overdesign in the joint level is needed to reach the targeted stiffness criteria.
  • In the Joint design, friction contribution accounts for compression, arising from axial force and bending. It gives a higher friction contribution and means that there will be less combined stress for the interaction check.
  • Enabled fire design.
  • Shorter anchoring bars.
  • Optimized supplementary reinforcement that provides a more practical installation process.
  • Improved shear resistance calculation that gives higher shear resistance values at the output.
  • PPM® L Anchor Bolts in combination with BOLDA® have a higher resistance to concrete cone failure as a result of being installed deeper in the concrete body.

Being ETA verified with a performance that is the best in its class, BOLDA® will bring you reliable and cost-efficient structural design.

Explore Column Connection design with the new BOLDA® Column Shoes!