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Peikko Designer® calculates according to Eurocode 2 Part 4

Since spring 2019 the design of fastenings in concrete is regulated by Eurocode 2 Part 4 (EN 1992-4). This was an important step, as the design of fasteners in the concrete in the past was distributed over numerous individual documents. Like CEN/TS 1992-4 technical specification to which Peikko is referring to in anchorage design of WELDA® and short Anchor Bolts. When the new standard came out, it automatically overwrote the guidelines of those individual documents. Though the theory of the design has not changed, many formulas have differences in how they are formed and in the results they will produce. One of the main reasons why formulas differ is that EN 1992-4 uses cylindrical strength of concrete instead of cubical, consequently also the factors accounting for the condition of the concrete are different.

To be aligned to the latest standard requirements Peikko addressed the changes in the Peikko Designer® software. 2.2.0 version of software was mainly dedicated to EN 1992-4 standard implementation for Anchor Plate and Column Connection modules. This implementation includes the anchorage design of headed anchors and covers concrete failure modes’ verifications, combined resistance check and supplementary reinforcement calculations.

Design CEN/TS 1992-4 is still available for the selection, since the current European technical Assessments (ETA) of the products are still valid. Updates of approvals with the reference to EN 1992-4 will be coming later. Meanwhile the Peikko Designer® software is already compliant with the new standard. User has freedom to choose between CEN/TS 1992-4 and EN 1992-4, when according to the selected standard anchorage to concrete verifications will be run.

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