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Peikko introduces a new SLADEX® 1.0 plug-in in Tekla

We are introducing today a new SLADEX® 1.0 plug-in in Tekla. You can find it in Tekla Warehouse where all other Peikko plug-ins are also available. In addition to this new SLADEX® 1.0 plug-in, Peikko Embeds version 4.7 is required to allow SLADEX® components’ proper functioning.

SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector is used as a point support for precast concrete slabs. It consists of a stainless steel RHS tube and rails with PSB® studs. This combination is only possible under certain slab thickness and top and bottom concrete cover conditions. If those conditions are not met, then the product is made of SLADEX® tube and shear stirrups. The user only needs to specify the slab thickness and top/bottom concrete covers, and the tool will provide specific choices based on these three dimensions.

SLADEX® tube should be always placed in the middle of the balcony slab. If this is not possible, the user will be able to define vertical offset for the SLADEX® tube with a short notice to contact Peikko's Technical Support to check the impact on product capacity.

The SLADEX® plug-in works with 3 input points. The balcony slab is defined by the first input point. The second input point should be placed on the slab's edge (tube extrusion is measured from this point). The third point defines direction for the SLADEX® tube and PSB® studs / stirrups.