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Project of the Month: Pitesti Sports Hall

While the oldest traces of human settlement in Pitesti are from the Paleolithic era, the multifunctional arena is bound to be among the newest.

Located in the seismically active Southern Romania, the new sports hall will have a capacity of about 5,000 spectators.

“It is designed to host sporting events such as handball, volleyball and basketball as well as non-sporting events,” says Laurentiu Dumitrescu, Sales Manager at Peikko Romania.

Pitesti Sports hall made is made by precast elements, connected with Peikko's connection parts

Precast in a land of cast-in-situ

With the seismic action in the region, the recommended solution for concrete structures is cast-in-situ. But for the Pitesti project the selected building method was precast.

“We went for precast concrete solution, mainly because of the limited time for execution that was imposed for this particular project,” says Karoly Balint, the Head of Structural Design at Plan 31 design office.

According to him, precast is a great alternative even in areas with intense seismicity.

“Given the seismic hazard of the area, modern design codes require high ductility structures. In this way, we allow the development of plastic hinges that help dissipate the seismic forces. In view of the fact that the sports hall structure is designed using precast concrete elements, it becomes imperative to design the connections in such a way that they do not interfere with the critical areas where plastic hinges must develop,” Balint states.

Speedy component delivery for speedy production

Having been using Peikko solutions since 2009, the precaster Con-A Productions has had a good customer experience.

“It’s a fair relationship, Peikko understands our requirements and the market well,” says Lucian Topor, Director.

And with the production in full swing, the lead time for the connection components is short.

“If the designer draws the element today, we often need to produce it tomorrow. Peikko don’t usually have much time to deliver the pieces we need,” Topor points out.

With precast elements the construction is faster, safer and more efficient.

The simplest and most efficient solution

The mutual history of Plan 31 design office and Peikko dates from 2002.

“We get the information and support we need every time. Using Peikko has been easy with comprehensive product information and easy to use software tools,” Balint states.

Colleagues often ask about his experiences of using Peikko solutions.

“I always say they get things done. But of course, you must think beforehand of where you are going to place the connection and about its concept.”

The Peikko delivery consisted of HPM® Rebar Anchor Bolts, HPKM® Column Shoes and MODIX® Rebar Couplers.

“With heavy elements, Peikko bolted connections were the easiest and most efficient solution for this project,”Balint concludes.

Project facts

  • Size: 5,000 seats and 6,300 m2
  • Floors: 2 underground levels and 3 stories above ground
  • Developer: National Investment Company – CNI
  • Construction company: Con-A
  • Architect: Trs Arhdesign
  • Precaster: Con-A Productions
  • Structural designer: Plan 31 design Office
  • Delivery year: 2021
  • Completion year: 2022


Contact person

 Laurentiu Dumitrescu

Laurentiu Dumitrescu
Sales Manager
Peikko Romania SRL


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