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The Market Court decision regarding Anstar Oy EPDs

A significant legal precedent issued in Finland: The Market Court decided Anstar Oy has provided misleading information on its Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and imposed a conditional fine of 100,000 euros

The Market Court, in its decision on May 28, 2024, stated that the expressions used in Anstar Oy's Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) violated the law on unfair business practices. The Market Court prohibited Anstar Oy from continuing or repeating the practice of using false or misleading statements in the marketing of its A-Beam S steel beam product’s EPD, especially regarding the domestic origin of the steel raw materials and the quantity and proportion of steel grades in the product that affect environmental emissions.

The Market Court further decided that Anstar Oy must comply with the prohibition under the threat of a 100,000-euro fine. In its decision, the Market Court obliges Anstar Oy to reimburse Peikko Group Oy for all legal expenses amounting to 33,605.90 euros plus interest, while its own legal expenses amounted to 47,682.75 euros.

Peikko is not aware of any other European legal case in which a company operating in the construction materials sector has been ordered to correct its EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) under the threat of a conditional fine. Anstar Oy has stated in its press release that the error was unintentional and very minor, and that it was quickly corrected. The Market Court, however, noted that the expressions used by Anstar were clearly illegal, and the company was unwilling to correct them.

"The real estate developers and structural designers must be able to trust in the information on the EPDs. It is in everyone's interest that incorrect and misleading documents are removed, and when necessary, by a court order. We are very pleased with the Market Court's decision, and we hope that this precedent will help clarify the rules and responsibilities in the industry. The information in EPDs must be accurate”, comments Topi Paananen, CEO of Peikko Group Oy.


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The decision made by the Market Court is available in Finnish via this document


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