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WAWEJOINT® smooths the way for vehicles on industrial floors

Peikko’s WAWEJOINT® free-movement heavy-duty joint system enables forklifts and other vehicles to move around smoothly and quietly.

WAWEJOINT® is a swiftly installed, prefabricated, leave-in-place joint system suitable for every large-area construction method. It is also for all ground-bearing and pile-supported flat and super flat concrete floors, including high wheeled traffic and high loading environments.

The system transfers vertical loads between adjacent floor slabs and minimizes vertical displacement of the slabs. Load transfer and resistances are guaranteed for joints with openings of up to 30 mm. It is suitable for slab depths from 100 mm to 300 mm, and for slab sizes of up to 50 by 50 meters. 

WAWEJOINT® features 40 mm x 6 mm cold drawn wavy steel rails (flat bars), which provide extremely durable armoring of the slab arrises. These are connected by yieldable plastic bolts, and the rails are fixed into the slab using welded anchors. One of the rails is welded onto the steel divider plate, where the load-transfer dowels are positioned. Rebars on each side are welded to anchors and add further stiffness to joint.   

The system is compatible with Peikko TERAJOINT® in terms of slab thicknesses and loads. Project specific load transfer and resistances can be verified by using free Peikko Designer® Floor Joint tool. All WAWEJOINT® materials are 100% recyclable.

The product is currently available in Nordic and Baltic countries.

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