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WILJA® plug-in introduced into the Tekla Warehouse

WILJA® is a CE marked insert for lifting and transporting precast sandwich wall elements. Engineers can use the WILJA® plug-in to model the WILJA® Lifting Inserts into the sandwich wall panels. It is available as an independent lifting component plug-in under the Peikko category.

The PNLF Lifting Insert, which is well-known in Finland, is going to be phased out. As a result, the PNLF plug-in for BEC tools will gradually become obsolete. The PNLF plug-in is still available but BEC tool users will see that it bears a "discontinued" mark. With backwards compatibility in mind, we made sure that when projects designed with PNLF lifting inserts are opened, their functionality is not corrupted. The WILJA® plug-in will also be available under the Lifting Component list for BEC tools, although its usability will not be as good as Peikko's independent plug-in. For example, the capacity check and related fields in BEC Lifting Inserts are not easily controlled. As a result, we recommend that users design and model WILJA® Lifting Inserts using Peikko’s native plug-in.

The WILJA® plug-in functions similarly to the PNLF plug-in where the user can only place one insert at a time. The WILJA® Lifting Insert type can either be selected automatically, or manually by the user. During automatic selection, the user must define the inclination angle, dynamic factor, and load share (weight share of the element) for one Lifting Insert as a percentage, as these will affect the background calculations. The choice of inclination angle will also ensure that the user receives additional diagonal reinforcement in the wall, as needed.

The WILJA® Lifting Insert is defined by 4 points in a 3-D space. The 1st and 2nd points denote the inner and outer layers of the panel, the 3rd is the insulation and the 4th determines the rotation angle. The user must assess the location of the insert inside the wall element – if the centre line of  the WILJA® deviates from the centre of gravity (COG) of the wall element, this will cause unacceptable tilting of the panel during the lifting process, and the user will be asked to contact Peikko for an alternative solution.

The inserts can be anchored either straight or bent, with the latter option being used when the WILJA® is placed over the opening.

Find WILJA modeling tool on the product page under For Designer tab.