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Wood, steel, and concrete – A match made in Peikko

PUUCO® Timber Connections is Peikko’s new product family for connecting wood-and-concrete hybrid structures. Four out of five of the new PUUCO® products – a beam shoe, a column shoe, a corbel and a wall shoe – are based on existing Peikko solutions. The product family also includes a wood-concrete composite slab connector, which is a novelty in Peikko’s product portfolio.

As an industry forerunner, it is in Peikko’s DNA to develop new and improved solutions that make connection technology safer, faster and more efficient. Hybrid structures are rapidly growing in size and popularity. To offer a complete ecosystem of products that support each other, it was time to create a new range of standardized connections that enable connecting timber and concrete in large and heavy structures, seamlessly and reliably.


Correct connections support the DELTABEAM® ecosystem

The idea for hybrid connections started in Austria ten years ago, when a Peikko customer wanted to use DELTABEAM® Composite Beam in a wooden hybrid structure. Solving customer challenges is our way of operating. As we are always happy to find new ways to use our existing solutions, a seed was sown then and there.

“We have a great solution in DELTABEAM® and want it to have an ecosystem for all kinds of building materials. Choosing DELTABEAM® Frame should never depend on not having the correct, high-quality connections. After 50 years in the business, we were confident we would find the right solutions for connecting timber and concrete with steel.”, says Petri Suur-Askola, Business Director for Connections.


Meet PUUCO® Timber Connections family

The hard work is now bearing fruit, as we are ready to introduce the new connections family for wood-and-concrete structures – PUUCO® timber connections. The product family members, RAMCO® Hidden Corbel, BRAMCO® Beam Shoe, TICCO® Wall Shoe and ROOCO® Column Shoe, are based on our existing, tried, and trusted products – PCs® Corbel, PC® Beam Shoe, SUMO® Wall Shoe and HPKM® Column Shoe.

In addition, we are presenting a completely new kind of solution in our product portfolio, NILCO® Wood-Concrete Composite Slab Connector, which is a successful adaptation for composite slabs based on a solution the timber industry has used for a long time.


Standardized connections are beneficial for everybody involved

In the construction industry, the game is yet to be defined for standardized wood-concrete connections. Peikko is ready to step to the plate with the customers’ advantage in mind. “Our goal is to solve the key problems our customers have. For example, the choice of structure with the correct connections has a huge impact on the end-result of a construction project and all the benefits that are accrued over time, such as increasing ROI and reducing CO2 emissions.”, says Simo Hakkarainen, Business Director for DELTABEAM® Frame.

“But there’s more. For designers, we offer peace of mind through standardized connections, and for the construction site, we enable speed and efficiency – connections must click together seamlessly. End-users get to enjoy safe, efficient and spacious buildings.”, Hakkarainen continues. “Standardized connections will also help speed up manufacturing the timber parts of the project.”, Suur-Askola adds. With the complete DELTABEAM® ecosystem, everybody wins.


A new era for wood-concrete construction is beginning

Peikko’s references already consist of several projects employing timber slabs in different structures (Timber references) and an educational buildings concept (Blog - DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with timber slabs for educational buildings) that is based on using DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with timber slabs.

Launching the PUUCO® product family marks a new, exciting era for wood-concrete construction and new chances for co-operation. Wood, steel and concrete is a match made in Peikko. This is only the beginning.

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