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DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure with timber slabs for educational buildings – an inspirational combination with multiple benefits

September, 28, 2021

Educational buildings are spaces where thought and inspiration need to flow freely. A building intended for learning and experimenting should be airy and filled with natural light. Ideally, educational buildings need to be adaptable to different long-term needs and built using sustainable products. A hybrid structure such as DELTABEAM® Composite Beam with timber slabs ticks all the boxes and helps your educational building project achieve even the most ambitious goals.

Hybrid structures that incorporate timber slabs and columns together with concrete and steel are growing in popularity. Part of the reason for this is that wood is a renewable raw material with low CO2 emissions. In addition, wood brings a warm ambience and a touch of nature to architectural design. Together with the strength of steel and concrete, long spans and slim floors can be created for the maximum usable interior volume. With similar projects already completed in Finland, Switzerland, Germany, and other locations, we bring with us the expertise and knowhow of a forerunner in hybrid structure solutions.

Why choose DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure?

Integrated into timber slabs, Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure is an effective choice for the construction of educational buildings. One of the most significant impacts of DELTABEAM® is how it contributes to making buildings more sustainable through its ability to make floors slimmer. Slim floor buildings require less cladding for the same usable interior volume, which in turn reduces heating and cooling energy consumption.

An extremely builder-friendly solution, DELTABEAM® works with all types of slabs and both precast and cast-in-situ solutions. With DELTABEAM® connection methods are standard, so construction is quick and easy, and HVAC installations are quick and cost-efficient. Moreover, the reinforcement inside the beam ensures integrated and non-toxic fireproofing, which offers additional savings and improves the safety of the building.

Go greener with Peikko’s sustainable solutions

At Peikko we are committed to developing solutions that improve the sustainability of construction. The future is built by the children and the students in schools around the world, and we believe educational buildings should reflect the sustainable and forward-thinking mindset of today.

DELTABEAM® is a game changer in this area, and DELTABEAM® Green is an even more environmentally friendly solution that offers all the same benefits as the original DELTABEAM®. In addition, it is made from over 90% recycled material and manufactured using renewable energy, which cuts its CO2 footprint by up to 50%. By combining DELTABEAM® Green with timber elements, you can reduce the environmental footprint of your buildings even further.

A space beneficial for everybody involved

When you choose a hybrid structure such as DELTABEAM® composite beams with timber slabs, the end-result of the project will be a cost-effective, flexible and inspiring space where creativity can grow. With Peikko you will always build safer, faster and more efficiently – and provide the best for the generations to come.


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