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March, 17, 2021

Peikko GUIDE – Because Images Speak Louder Than Words

A couple of years ago I had a chat with a product manager of another company at an exhibition stand. He said they do not have written installation instructions anymore, because people on site do not always perfectly understand the official language of the country. Instead, everything is described in images.

As the world has become ever more international, Finnish engineering offices have increasingly requested localized Finnish Technical Manuals that are also in English for their non-native designers. Better to go with flow, and offer something more informative to the teams at precast factories and constructions sites about installation of our products. That’s how GUIDE was born.

How does GUIDE work?

Our GUIDE pilot was done with Peikko HPKM® Column Shoes. At the bottom of the shoe, you can scan the QR code with your mobile phone. This QR code links you to our mobile-optimized webpage, where you can check dimensions, view any lifting instructions, and view installation instructions for precast factory and construction sites. The fourth icon is for feedback, so you can give us your opinion simply by choosing smileys, or if you like by providing details, a photo and even your location.

Instruction videos are stored on our server, so that workers can watch them wherever we deliver column shoes.

Is GUIDE safe to use?

Yes – because GUIDE is not a mobile app, it does not store any cookies, phone numbers or contacts. Watching the instruction videos is totally anonymous, as is the feedback option. If you decide to share your location, it is just one pin on our map.

We study received photos to learn what can be improved in our solutions. And if you also want to send us your selfie, that’s just between you and us.

Petri Suur-Askola

Business Director


Peikko Group Corporation

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