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February, 23, 2021

Peikko Has Launched a White Paper on “New Generation of Column Shoe Connections”

BOLDA® Column Shoes are fastening components used to create cost-effective stiff connections between precast concrete columns and foundations or between precast columns and other columns.

Precast concrete columns show many competitive advantages, including speed of construction, smallest tolerances, high fire resistance, and high quality. Connections between precast columns are quick and easy to install, while also being economical. Peikko Group aims to make the design process quicker and easier. ETA’s based on common understanding within the test procedures simplify the designers’ work, because the same design rules and methods, essentially a common design language, are valid and can be used all over Europe, which are additionally widely accepted outside of Europe as well.

This White Paper discusses the principal components and load transfer mechanisms of the new column shoe connection BOLDA®. Detailed information on the performed large scale tests to investigate the bending resistance, bending stiffness, and shear resistance, the evaluation of these test results, as well as comparisons to conventional cast-in-situ column-to-foundation connections are given. The test results were further checked by accompanying Finite Element calculations. In addition, fire resistance tests are presented and evaluated.

The evaluations of the test results clearly indicate that the design methods for column shoe connections given in the EAD are valid for BOLDA® column shoes. Furthermore, it was shown that the load bearing behavior as well as the deformations of a precast column containing BOLDA® Column Shoes do not differ from the behavior of cast-in-situ columns of the same dimensions and reinforcement layout.

BOLDA® Column Shoes and column connections fulfil all requirements regarding mechanical, fire, and corrosion resistance. Design of column connections with BOLDA® Column Shoe connections is included in Peikko Designer® tool to facilitate daily tasks of structural engineers.


Read Peikko's White Paper: New Generation of Column Shoe Connections

Thomas Sippel

Codes and Approvals Director

Peikko Group Corporation

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