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BOLDA® – The future of bolted column connections

30 years ago, we came up with a strong and compact solution that made erecting columns faster, safer and more efficient. And now we have done it again, with a stronger, more compact and even better design.

We developed BOLDA® to meet the demands of today’s – and tomorrow’s – precast concrete structures. BOLDA® is the future of bolted column connections. Once again, Peikko defines the game.

Build slimmer and stronger

BOLDA® column shoes introduce a new level of strength to column shoes in an even more compact design. Why? So that customers can use harder concrete with higher compression strength and smaller cross sections, even when they use higher loads. So they can build taller, bigger buildings and do it faster.

With BOLDA®, they can. And they can do it safely, repeatably and reliably. BOLDA® lets you use columns with a 24% smaller cross section, reducing material use and improving the use of space in your buildings. And it makes handing at the precasters easier too.

Proven to be reliable

With BOLDA®, we’re leading the industry again. BOLDA® is the only ETA assessed bolted connection for high loads in the world. And if you know Peikko, you know we’ve tested it until we’re sure it’s safe.

We’ve tested it to extremes. We tested it to breaking point to demonstrate its performance. We burned columns to ensure its reliability. And BOLDA® stood up to every test and proved itself.

BOLDA® really is the future of bolted column connections.

System components

Bolted column connections for columns, walls and beams

Peikko bolted column connections are more than just individual components, they are a better way of doing things. They are complete systems that create strong, reliable connections between columns, walls, and beams. And because they resist loads during assembly, temporary bracing is not needed.

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BOLDA® Column Shoe

BOLDA® is our new and most advanced column shoe. It’s stronger and more compact, and developed for today’s harder concrete, smaller cross sections and higher loads. We tested it to extremes and BOLDA® has proven its performance. Once again, Peikko defines the game.

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HPKM® Column Shoe

This is the column shoe that changed everything with high strength steel in a compact and easy-to-use design. Cast into the column, HPKM® Column Shoes give you a safe connection as soon as the nuts are tightened. No bracing required.

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BECO® Beam Shoe

We developed bolted connections for beams too! BECO® Beam Shoes lead the way in moment resistant frame connections, letting you connect precast concrete beams and columns effectively.

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SUMO® Wall Shoe

We also offer bolted connections for wall elements! Our SUMO® Wall Shoes let you make bolted tensile connections between wall elements, and they are equally effective for both horizontal and vertical connections. They are ideal for a whole range of applications from factory halls to balcony parapets.

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