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Faster and more efficient

Peikko’s bolted column connections save you time, money and materials – that’s why they’ve been successful for 30 years! They really do make installing columns dramatically quicker. In fact, we once saw a customer safely install a column in just 6 minutes. Better still, they benefit the whole construction site. As soon as the nuts are tightened, the column can stand safely by itself. This eliminates bracing, reduces crane time and gives you more space on-site.

A complete system

Another thing that customers appreciate is that bolted column connections give them a complete system. For contractors this means that everything works together smoothly and reliably. While for designers, it means that they can use designs with stronger, stiffer concrete and slimmer precast columns with tighter tolerances. And thanks to our anchor bolts and installation templates, they can then be certain that their columns will line up with the foundations, exactly as planned.

System components

Bolted column connections for columns, walls and beams

Peikko bolted column connections are more than just individual components, they are a better way of doing things. They are complete systems that create strong, reliable connections between columns, walls, and beams. And because they resist loads during assembly, temporary bracing is not needed.

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BOLDA® Column Shoe

BOLDA® is our new and most advanced column shoe. It’s stronger and more compact, and developed for today’s harder concrete, smaller cross sections and higher loads. We tested it to extremes and BOLDA® has proven its performance. Once again, Peikko defines the game.

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HPKM® Column Shoe

This is the column shoe that changed everything with high strength steel in a compact and easy-to-use design. Cast into the column, HPKM® Column Shoes give you a safe connection as soon as the nuts are tightened. No bracing required.

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BECO® Beam Shoe

We developed bolted connections for beams too! BECO® Beam Shoes lead the way in moment resistant frame connections, letting you connect precast concrete beams and columns effectively.

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SUMO® Wall Shoe

We also offer bolted connections for wall elements! Our SUMO® Wall Shoes let you make bolted tensile connections between wall elements, and they are equally effective for both horizontal and vertical connections. They are ideal for a whole range of applications from factory halls to balcony parapets.

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