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Circular and sustainable solutions

To make the circular economy successful, we need products that can be reused, rather than disposed of as waste.

Once again, Peikko is ahead of the industry. Bolted column connections are an ideal way to make structural components reusable. You can bolt them into place to form a long-lasting structure, and you can also unbolt them to recover columns and beams for reuse in new buildings. Ready for today’s use and tomorrow’s reuse.

Researching a circular future

At Peikko, we have been researching ways to develop a fully circular product portfolio for several years. Our tests have shown that columns with bolted column connections can safely be reused, even with current grouting systems.

We are also taking part in pioneering circular building projects with concrete elements that can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled, while still maintaining their structural integrity and value. One good example of this is the Circle House project in Lisbjerg, near Aarhus in Denmark. This is Denmark’s first circular housing project and it involves a total of 60 housing units, which were designed from the beginning for disassembly and circularity.

Pioneering projects

The Circular Apartments development in Amsterdam is another example of Peikko’s pioneering involvement in circular design.

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