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PPL Anchor Bolt Installation Template — Ensuring Right Precision of Anchor Bolt Spacing

PPL Anchor Bolt Installation Templates are designed to enable accurate positioning of bolts into column foundations or column heads made of concrete. The templates can be used with HPM® and PPM® Anchor Bolt types and COPRA® Anchoring Couplers.

The PPL Anchor Bolt Installation Template is a steel plate for installing bolts accurately into castings. Bolts are accurately positioned and fixed into the molding with the PPL Anchor Bolt Installation Template. Anchor bolts are fixed through the template holes with nuts and washers.

The installation template can be secured with nails to the supporting base by the nailing recesses at the sides. The template has alignment marks for accurate positioning of the anchor bolt group to the module line, and bolts can be adjusted and tightened to the correct level. PPL Anchor Bolt Installation Templates are manufactured to given specifications.

PPL Bolt Installation Template


PPL Bolt Installation Templates are manufactured to given specifications. Please see product information leaflet.

Detailed technical information

Comprehensive product information like resistances, required supplementary reinforcement, concrete grades, limitations of use etc. can be found within the Technical Manual. Product details may be country-specific. For design, always use product information that is localized for design's destination country. Country specific Technical Manuals can be found under Documents page, or from website of the country in question.

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