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CE marking of anchor plates based on EN 1090-1 leaves gray areas

By Peikko's blog team

October, 2, 2017

There are gray areas when it comes to CE marking of anchor plates – or fastening plates as they are also commonly known. Here is what you should know about it.  

As described previously in this post, there are two types of CE marking: EN 1090-1 and ETA (European Technical Assessment). Some anchor plates on the European market have been CE marked based on EN 1090-1.

We at Peikko feel strongly that the proper way of obtaining a CE marking for anchor plates is to base it on ETA. Only an ETA based CE marking specifies product performance and behavior properly in construction during the whole product lifecycle.


Why EN 1090-1 is not appropriate for anchor plates?

The shortcomings of EN 1090-1 are critical when it comes to everyday use of anchor plates. For a designer or contractor, there are three points to consider: 

  1. Anchor plates are not really covered by EN 1090-1, according to a list issued by the European Committee for Standardization
  2. By its definition, EN 1090-1 covers steel or aluminum structures. An anchor plate is not actually a structure, but a part that is used to construct a structure by embedding it to concrete.
  3. EN 1090-1 covers only the execution quality in the production of structures, for example welding. It does not take into account how the structure is designed or how the product is used on site.

 Based on points 1 and 2 it should be perfectly clear that EN 1090-1 cannot be used to CE mark anchor plates at all. Even if CE marking is done based on point 3, it is questionable when designing and constructing different structures. Ultimately, EN 1090-1 describes only how the products are manufactured, not their use or design.

It’s in our common interest that designers as well as construction companies can compare apples to apples when it comes to anchor plates. In order to achieve this, we at Peikko choose to take the longer and harder way as shortcuts don’t bring the right end result. Stay tuned for news in the near future!

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