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WELDA® Anchor Plates offer benefits for everyone

By Peikko's blog team

February, 7, 2018

WELDA® Anchor Plates are true all-rounders in transferring moderate and medium loads to concrete via welded connection. They offer benefits to all parties in building projects – no matter what is your role in construction. They are proven to make construction projects faster, safer and more efficient.

Let's meet three people discussing in the project kick-off meeting:

  • Bill the Chief Structural Engineer of the project
  • John the Project Manager, working for the contractor and
  • Sam the Site Manager, also a colleague of John.

John: “All right, let’s move on to the atrium section. It’s going to be pretty challenging since there are staircases and this large mezzanine area. Look at this corner for example – the area where this column meets the beams. The reinforcement needs to be dense to manage all that load.”

Bill: “Yes, that sure is a problem maker. But that’s how the architect wanted it. Told her that it will be quite tricky to weld the beam but I must admit she did beautiful job with the mezzanine.”

Sam: “But how do we connect the beam to the column? There is so much reinforcement there. Struggling with the installation of the anchor plate will certainly tie a couple of men for hours – and that per each column.”

Bill: “I was really worried about it but then I came across Peikko again. They have a newly launched WELDA® Strong Anchor Plate. The novelty of all WELDA® anchor plates is that they take the same loads as other anchor plates yet the anchor is lighter.”

Sam: “So it means it’s easier to install?”

Bill: “Yes, that’s right. I also had a chat with the local representative of Peikko and he gave me the idea to make the anchor as long as possible to reduce supplementary reinforcement. Took it to the maximum and you know what? Managed to receive such high resistance that you don’t need to do any supplementary reinforcement.”

John: “Are you sure? If that is true, it actually means that our guys can have the plate installed faster and move on to other tasks earlier. Besides supplementary reinforcement is really something that we want to avoid. It will save us time and money.”

Bill: “Checked it several times but that really is the case.”

Sam: “That’s great. If you say so, we’ll do that. I know Peikko and really like their solutions. They are easy, safe and fast to install. Don’t want anything else.”

John: “Does anybody know if these WELDA® Anchor Plates are by any chance CE marked? That would also save a lot of effort with the documentation and bureaucracy.”

Bill: “Yes they are. I was very happy to learn that from Peikko’s sales. That also saved me some time with the design documents.”

John: “One problem tackled then. Let’s move on to the first floor.”


As a matter of fact, Bill did not tell everything to John and Sam. He actually would have liked to boast even more about the time he saved when checking the capacity with Peikko Designer® software, and not needing to plan any supplementary reinforcement. A drop in the ocean in a project of this scale, but Bill’s wife was very happy when he arrived well in time to the concert of their favourite band -an evening they had been waiting for a long time.

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