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New White Paper on successful balcony connections

November, 29, 2021

Peikko has published a new White Paper on ensuring properly designed and installed connections between the building and balcony. These connections transfer horizontal loads, ensure structural strength and stability, and provide thermal insulation to maximize the energy efficiency of the building and optimize the living environment.

Balconies supported on walls or column elements are fixed to the building frame in a different way than cantilever balconies, which are supported from the floor slab. Selecting the balcony type can also be influenced by the size of the land plot, the style and appearance of the building, and balcony position. Supported balconies form a stack of balconies above each other, while cantilever balconies can be positioned freely on the facade.

Peikko product options

Balcony Slab Connectors PS and SLADEX® are best for precast construction. EBEA® Balcony Connector is used for both precast construction and cantilevers that are cast on site, and for canopies and walkway balconies in apartment buildings.

PS Balcony Slab Connector connects the balcony slab with the building’s floor slabs. Available in several sizes, it can be installed at any stage of construction. Ideal for loggia and other supported balconies, SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connector connects the precast balcony slab with the load-bearing structure while maintaining the thermal insulation on the sandwich wall panels or building envelope. SLADEX® reduces the need for extra reinforcement as the strengthening comes from ready-calculated studs. EBEA® Balcony Connector is a load-bearing, insulated connection element for concrete structures that minimizes the thermal bridges in cantilever balconies and other applications such as walls and slabs.

Design and site considerations

The designer must determine the size of the balcony slab; loads applied to the slab for example from partition walls and roof snow; and the internal forces acting at the connection between the balcony slab and floor slab.

Supported precast balconies can be assembled either simultaneously with the building frame with SLADEX® or PS Balcony Slab Connectors or, if necessary, afterwards in the case of PS. SLADEX® Balcony Slab Connectors are assembled into recesses left in load-bearing slabs / structures, while the PS Balcony Slab part is cast in the precast factory, the load-bearing part at the construction site, and the connection finalized using the bolts. EBEA® balcony reinforcements require temporary supports during installation. Once the concrete has gained enough strength, these supports can be removed, and the balcony can be loaded.

Peikko Technical Support is always ready to provide advice and assistance, helping to ensure faster, safer, and more efficient design and build.

Read Peikko’s White Paper: Peikko Balcony Connections: Proper Connections for Successful Planning and Installation


Stefan Gavura
Senior Manager
Cast-in-Situ Connections Team
Peikko Group Corporation

Samuel Kantonen
BASc, Construction Engineering
Sales Manager
Peikko Finland Oy

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