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New White Paper published on shear resistance of precast wall connection using SUMO® Wall Shoe

November, 8, 2021

Peikko’s new White Paper, Shear Resistance of Precast Wall Connection with SUMO® Wall Shoe, presents recent shear test results and wall joint design recommendations.

SUMO® Wall Shoes are cast into precast wall panels and other elements at a precast factory. Wall panels are typically connected using SUMO® Wall Shoes combined with anchor bolts HPM®, PPM® or COPRA®, transferring tensile loads at each joint and creating a complete wall. These Peikko bolted connections provide safe and reliable wall connections, and enable quick assembly and practical installation tolerances at a building site.

SUMO® Wall Shoes are designed to transfer tensile forces between precast elements. Compressive forces are transferred by direct bearing of the precast wall on hardened grout. The White Paper increases understanding of SUMO® Wall Shoe behaviour in the wall joint when subject to another force, longitudinal (but not transverse) shear load. It presents the outcome of extensive shear load tests and provides basic recommendations for wall joint design when using SUMO® Wall Shoes.

Peikko’s test program involved 12 specimens using SUMO® 16, SUMO® 30, wall elements of thickness 90 mm and 120 mm, two concrete grades, and very smooth to rough joint surfaces. Key measures included shear resistance, vertical deformation, and horizontal deformation.

The tests show that wall-to-wall bolted connections using SUMO® Wall Shoe have a capacity to transfer longitudinal shear loads. This capacity is positively affectedby using Peikko GRIP profiles to roughen the wall-to-wall contact surface. GRIP Recess Plate is a non-loadbearing plate with a deformed surface which can be repeatedly re-used during wall construction.


Read Peikko’s White Paper: Shear Resistance of Precast Wall Connection with SUMO® Wall Shoe

Jakub Mecar

R&D Engineer

Peikko Group Corporation

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