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A new Peikko book: Bolted Connections in Precast Concrete Structures

February, 25, 2022

Peikko's declared goal is to make construction in all its forms faster, safer, and more efficient. This goal is achieved not only through the manufacture of appropriate products, but also through the development and preparation of technical reference books whose contents reflect the current state of the art.

My latest publication "Peikko Bolted connections in precast concrete structures", has just been printed and is ready for your use.

Bolted connections in precast construction
The actual reference book provides a solid technical information package on the entire range of bolted connections in precast construction and transfers the knowledge to practical design and construction.

Bolted connections with special built-in components, such as anchor bolts, column shoes and beam shoes, were developed by Peikko more than 30 years ago to produce cost-effective, bending resistant connections between precast concrete elements. Such bolted connections have many competitive advantages, including fast execution and high accuracy due to the lowest tolerances, high fire resistance, and high quality. Connections between precast elements are quick and easy to assemble and at the same time economical.

The development and improvement of Peikko bolted connections, as well as the evaluation of various experimental and theoretical investigations, are presented in detail in this book.

You can order your book here: Bolted connections in precast concrete structures

We hope you enjoy reading the new publication and that it assists you in your daily practice.

Thomas Sippel

Codes and Approvals Director

Peikko Group Corporation

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