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Column Shoes accelerate work at construction site

By Slavomir Matiasko

March, 5, 2018

Using column shoes can remarkably speed up the work of a precaster compared to the traditional methods (see our previous blog posting). However, a construction site can benefit even more by using column shoes in precast columns. What could be easier than tightening four nuts and letting the column be fixed in place? Even better, this procedure is enough to withstand all the loads during erection stage.

Ease of installation with bolted connection

Before the precast column is erected, the bolts need to be fixed in the foundation. This is an easy task to do with a template – it can be either hand-made or supplied by Peikko together with anchor bolts. Is a bolt protruding out of the foundation annoying you? You can avoid this by selecting COPRA® Anchoring Couplers where the top of the bolt is aligned with the concrete surface and the protruding part is assembled only just when it is required.


Fast and safe erection

 The precast column is needed at the site only  when the bolts are installed. Take two technicians, a crane and reserve 10-15 minutes for each column. It is the time needed for one column to be fixed in the final position. Lower nuts and washers are leveled into desired position, and the column is erected directly on them. The precast column is fixed and vertically aligned by tightening the upper nuts and washers. As soon as the nuts are tightened, the job is done and the crane and the technicians can proceed to another column right away. Setting up a safe and reliable connection for precast elements is just a matter of minutes. What about bracing and supporting the column? Not a problem! A bolted connection is designed to take all the loads, including dead weight and wind load during the erection stage. A temporary bracing only occupies space and causes disarray on the site. Bracing also increases costs and even restricts the work done on the construction site, especially when using machinery.

Once grouted, the connection is ready to take the loads as designed for the rest of the building‘s lifetime. If an  environmentally friendly approach or circular economy is the key part of your plans, the bolted connection can be disassembled at the end of the building’s lifecycle or when needed.


Using a bolted connection on site is an efficient operation; it reduces the assembly time and extends the working space - without any bracing. On the whole, it means early completion of the construction in a safe and reliable way!

Slavomír Matiaško

Product Manager

Peikko Group Corporation