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Meaningful step to safer construction

February, 18, 2020

Last December, the European Engineered Construction Systems Association, ECS, made a statement against using EN1090-1 as a base for CE marking for concrete connection products.

I warmly welcome this statement as a step towards safer construction, because the reliability of Peikko products is one of the cornerstones of our relationship with customers.

One of the most efficient ways to assess and guarantee the essential properties of building products in Europe is the CE marking. The CE marking can be achieved by demonstrating the conformity of a building product to either harmonized European standards or product-related European Technical Assessments, the ETAs.

In recent years, certain manufacturers have started to issue CE markings for proprietary engineered products based on EN 1090 – the European standards for the execution of steel structures – because that has been easier and less costly than the ETA. While such markings confirm that the products are manufactured in accordance with European standards, they may also be misleading as they fail to assess other characteristics that are essential for the proper functioning of the product (e.g. load-bearing behavior).

We at Peikko believe that our responsibility is not limited simply to cost-efficient manufacturing of building products. This is why we commit ourselves to declare the performance of our products by CE marking based on the ETA. Together with other manufacturers of engineered building products in the ECS, we understand that it is the only reliable and unambiguous way to demonstrate the essential characteristics of our products.

Petri Suur-Askola

Business Development Director

Peikko Group Corporation