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Accuracy every step of the way

Peikko is an innovative expert in concrete connections for all methods and purposes. It is our job to know, respect, and develop the time-honored traditions of the industry, such as on-site casting. The most important values we can add to your cast-in-situ project are time and accuracy. After all, time is money and staying on schedule is the key to any project’s success. Read on to discover how we ensure accuracy every step of the way.

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Lasting quality

Peikko’s durable and precise cast-in-situ solutions stand the test of time, exceeding expectations, and increasing the value of your project. Load transferring, punching prevention, rebar splicing and more – when your building project design needs to last for generations and withstand the ever-changing environmental circumstances, Peikko offers long-term solutions that you can trust.

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Various cast-in-situ reinforcement items

Reliable experts

Peikko experts are always available, finding the right solution for your project and providing technical assistance and design guidance whenever needed. Our international staff will help you locally and in your own language. And what’s more – our highly educated professionals are constantly working on making the construction industry greener and more efficient through research and development.

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Smooth logistics

Peikko’s cast-in-situ solutions are readily available and are delivered on site and on time with clear communication before, during, and after delivery. We manufacture our own products in-house and store them close to our customers. Optimized production and logistics ensure cost-efficiency and flexible, fast deliveries of high-quality products even during globally challenging times.

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Time is money

The greatest benefit we can offer you is time – long-lasting solutions that are readily available and with a smooth supply chain you can count on. By landing on time with Peikko cast-in-situ solutions, you avoid extra costs caused by delays and uncertainties, and start profiting sooner from finished building projects.

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Olga Laine

Olga Laine

Product Manager

Anchor Plates, Flooring

Mob. +358 40 712 3404

Petri Suur-Askola

Petri Suur-Askola

Business Director


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Štefan Gavura

Štefan Gavura

Senior Manager, Cast-in-Situ Connections team

Product manager EBEA®

Mob. +421 911 250 080