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In-house production guarantees the quality

Peikko’s solutions are always both designed and manufactured by us. This way you always know the origin of our products, and certified production ensures they fulfill the quality requirements set by your project. We stand for our products and are passionate to deliver solutions for successful projects.

Peikko’s products are manufactured in our own modern factories worldwide in 12 countries, and we have local sales offices in 34 countries. The local experts understand your building requirements and are always available near you. When you have a deadline to meet, our widespread network ensures cost-efficient logistics.

Peikko's production units on the map

Standardized solutions always at hand

In our 12 production units we have a significant number of products always available off-the-shelf. Just pick your model and size and get ready for the delivery.

Standardized and certified products are a safe bet – you know what you get and can rest assured knowing that their safety and performance are measured and guaranteed.

High quality products for cast-in-situ construction

Sharing the expertise

Smooth project consists of many details. Speedy deliveries combined with a technical expertise and advice ensure the best outcome in one go.

Local Peikko people in 34 countries are here to help you. Whatever your project or need, we have both brains and muscle to create an ideal solution. We like to work face to face and we understand that each project is individual – just like the people in it. Whether you need assistance before, during or after your project, you always have a dedicated person to contact to.

Peikko experts are globally assisting you.

Peikko Designer®

Peikko Designer® software helps you select the right Peikko product for your structure. This is Peikko’s way of supporting the designers and their ambitions. Peikko Designer® is free for registered users, and the online modules can be used without having to register.

Peikko Designer® provides everything you need in one place, including product details, 3D models and performance specifications. This way, when it’s time to build, you can be confident that everything will fit together just as you planned, with safe and reliable connections, adjustability and constant accuracy.

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Peikko Designer is free for registered users

Contact us

Olga Laine

Olga Laine

Product Manager

Anchor Plates, Flooring, Lifting Systems

Mob. +358 40 712 3404
[email protected]

Petri Suur-Askola

Petri Suur-Askola

Product Development Director

Mob. +358 40 5455575
[email protected]

Štefan Gavura

Štefan Gavura

Product Manager

Reinforcement Products

Mob. +421 911 250 080
[email protected]