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New White Paper: Bolted Connections for Precast Structures in Seismic Areas

October, 27, 2021

The connections between precast elements play a fundamental role in the overall performance of prefabricated systems, especially if seismic applications are considered.

In fact, seismic design of precast structures should account for establishing a suitable interaction between the elements, such as beams, columns, walls and floors, which are cast elsewhere and then connected on site. Therefore, precast connections are meant to restore the structural continuity and enable the load path from the above-ground structure to the foundation level.

A solution for challenging design situations

Peikko bolted connections represent an excellent solution to both the need for a joint that is simple and fast for the manufacturing and assembly purposes, as well as the requirement of effective and safe means of load transfer under all possible load conditions, including the seismic actions. In fact, lateral loadings are especially demanding because they actively attempt to build equilibrium and impose repeated tension and compression forces as well as bend moment reversals to bearing elements.

Precast connections need to be strong enough to transfer the earthquake forces and to allow for deformation within and/or close to the joints. Strength, stiffness and deformation capacities are then needed to maintain the integrity of the precast structure and to ensure a ductile overall response.

Tested and reliable products for a safe design

Early precast constructions showed sometimes poor seismic performance due to inadequate detailing and lack of continuity, which has traditionally favored cast-in-situ solutions in earthquake-prone zones. However, the numerous studies on the cyclic behavior of precast joints and the development of modern seismic design codes allow nowadays for a safe design of precast structures.

As a leading global supplier of bolted connections for precast structures, Peikko can offer tested and reliable products and solutions that suit both overdesigned and energy-dissipative seismic design approaches. Moreover, the requirements for simple and moment-resisting connections depend on various factors, such as the type of seismic load resisting system and the location of the joint within the structure. In this regard, Peikko provides a wide portfolio of bolted connections that comply with the current codes and can solve different design cases.

Our recently published White Paper gives an overview of the challenges of seismic design of precast structures and presents solutions according to the latest engineering knowledge. Moreover, reference projects provide evidence that even demanding design situations can be handled well, so to guarantee a safe and efficient construction of precast structures in seismic areas.

Read Peikko’s White Paper: Bolted Connections for Precast Structures in Seismic Areas – Peikko Solutions and Design Examples


Elena Camnasio
R&D Engineer
Peikko Group Corporation

Cem Özer
Managing Director
Peikko Turkey