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“How can I design DELTABEAM® in seismic areas?” – The new White Paper provides the answers

May, 25, 2021

Earthquakes being a global risk, designers need to consider the seismic issues even from the early stage of the design process, so as to ensure resistance against seismic forces and to avoid structural collapse.

In fact, the main aim of the seismic design is the life safety of building occupants, which is guaranteed when the vertical load-carrying capacity is maintained during an earthquake event.

An appropriate building configuration is key for the satisfactory seismic performance of the structure. In addition to the basic design principles of simplicity, uniformity and regularity, there should be clear understanding of the role of each structural member, so that a proper load path is established. Generally, shear walls, bracings and moment resisting frames are options for lateral force-resisting systems. Moreover, there could also be other parts of the structure included that are designed for gravity loads only while still contributing to the global stability.

Such combined systems have several advantages, such as concentration of the seismic resistance into fewer elements, thus limiting the efforts for possibly challenging detailing. The use of DELTABEAM® slim floor structures in the vertical load-resisting system brings additional benefits. In practice, DELTABEAM® enables slender and light structural solutions and minimizes the floor’s depth. In seismic applications, this reflects in reduced seismic forces and limited lateral deformation, which are proportional to the building’s mass and height, respectively.

The designer can choose from among different combinations of structural resisting systems, as there is no pre-defined arrangement and many factors have to be considered, such as the seismicity of the site and the specific project conditions, which affect the final outcome. Anyhow, DELTABEAM® as a secondary component for the seismic resistance, can suit various design cases. Reference projects where DELTABEAM® has been successfully adopted in areas with moderate or even high seismic risk show the versatility of the system and prove that DELTABEAM® can provide safe designs complying with seismic requirements.

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Elena Camnasio

Customer engineer

Peikko Italia S.r.l