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Safe, Secure and more Sustainable – award-winning BOLDA® Column Shoe is the innovation of a new generation

March, 30, 2022

At Peikko, we focus on developing innovative solutions that offer a faster, safer, and more efficient way to design and build, with multiple benefits for the customer. Research and development are our long-standing passion. Through decades, we have introduced many innovations to the international markets. Many of these solutions have, in time, become industry-shaping standards.

Bolted column connections are a great example of Peikko’s research and development work. Years ago, we recognized a market need for a lighter, more compact and cost-effective column shoe. The development work began in 2017. After creating and testing several specimens and prototypes, we launched BOLDA® Column Shoe to the market in the beginning of 2021. Last year, BOLDA® Column Shoe won an innovation award in the large companies’ category of the Excellence Finland's Quality Innovation Award competition. In January, BOLDA® became a prize winner in the international Quality Innovation Award competition.

A column shoe that is smaller in size but bigger in impact

BOLDA® is a new generation column shoe that connects a precast concrete column either to the foundation of a building or on top of another concrete column. Because of smaller size, BOLDA® Column Shoe can fit in smaller cross-sections of concrete columns, which leaves more usable surface area in the buildings. Moreover, due to lower weight and material requirements, BOLDA® Column Shoe is a sustainable and circular choice that reduces environmental emissions and stress.

Even though BOLDA® Column Shoe is light and compact, it is still heavy-duty. BOLDA® is used together with PPM® High-Strength Anchor Bolts or COPRA® Anchoring Couplers to create moment-resisting column connections under heavy loading conditions in buildings such as industrial and warehouse halls, shopping malls, factories, and office buildings.

Standardized quality and innovative improvement

BOLDA® is currently the only ETA assessed bolted connection for high loads in the world.

Moreover, we have a European Product Declaration for connecting parts, setting us apart of the competition. Based on the ETA assessment, BOLDA® Column Shoe has the right to use CE marking, which guarantees that BOLDA® conforms with European requirements and standards. The CE mark also guarantees that BOLDA® Column Shoe is safe and secure to use.

When we compare BOLDA® to the older generation PEC® Column Shoe, on average, with BOLDA®, manufacturing costs are 20% smaller, cross-sections of the columns are 24% smaller and CO2 emissions are 30% smaller. BOLDA® also enables faster manufacturing, better logistics and easier handling and installation. This means less raw materials, less energy and less workhours during the production and less crane hours and man hours during construction – and savings for all parties.

At Peikko we say: why choose the old way, when you can do it the PeikkoWay? And that’s what BOLDA® Column Shoe is – the way of the future! Join our journey for a safer, faster and more efficient way to build the world.

Jorma Kinnunen

Senior R&D Manager

Peikko Group Corporation

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