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2020 – The year of the designer.

By Topi Paananen

January, 9, 2020

In 2019, Peikko was definitively not standing still. Firstly, we introduced some pretty admirable products into the market: TWIN® Corbel for TT slabs, PSB PLUS® Punching Reinforcement system for high-load punching applications, and EBEA® Balcony Connector to enable insulated thermal breaks, e.g. in balcony applications.

Secondly, we significantly expanded our wind turbine foundation business by being involved in more than 400 foundations, with the newest country being Russia. 

Thirdly, we increased our manufacturing capacities remarkably - the newest factories in Romania and Ras Al Khaimah were successfully taken into use. In 2019, we again made a record of customer deliveries – the value of them being more than 230 MEUR. 

This year, in 2020, our special focus will be on structural designers. 

We simply believe that we can still work significantly better to serve structural designers, the ones who make the difference in our industry. 

We will upgrade and localize a large number of technical product manuals. We will bring a set of new or upgraded software tools for designers to use - all naturally free of charge. We will also provide a set of new product approvals so that the selection of a product can be made even smoother. In addition, our customer engineering team continues to provide technical support for designers and other customers.

We will arrange further meetings with our design partners, as business is not only accomplished on the internet but also in face-to-face communication. The year 2020 will be an exciting one - THE YEAR OF THE DESIGNER. 

Whether a structural designer or another partner of Peikko – we hope to serve you well during 2020!

Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation