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January, 29, 2019

Technical competence and reliability are essential to our customers, and Peikko as a company is committed to providing them in many ways. Our products are based on solid technical background recognized through approvals and certifications from several bodies. Furthermore, as the need for documentation that proves the performance of construction products has grown over the years, Peikko has invested more and more resources to stay up to date.

This is the case for Peikko’s column connection for seismic applications, which has been in our portfolio for three years already. This solution was the outcome of an extensive experimental investigation that was carried out under the supervision of Politecnico di Milano (Technical University in Milan, Italy) as a highly-respected third party. Based on the results of the investigation, a recommendation document was signed in order to assess the safety of HPKM®-HPM®-EQ connections in seismic areas.

On December 18, 2018 the recommendation document was revised. This was a good opportunity to update and refine the content, mostly because of a new Italian Code that entered into force last year. In fact, the document is available in both English and Italian, meaning that Peikko takes local customer requirements into account and offers documentation in the local language. The recommendation document is public and will be valid until 2024. You can find the current version on our website.

Peikko HPKM®-HPM®-EQ column connection can resist cyclic loads in a satisfactory and energy-dissipative manner. This means that such connection behaves favourably under seismic actions. The main change in the current version is the possibility to use energy-dissipating Peikko column connections for both medium and high ductility class structures. The limitation in medium ductility class structures was overconservative, while tests showed equivalent performance in Peikko column connections and high ductility cast-in-situ joints.

The recommendation document represents a valuable design guideline together with our Technical Manual. So far, Peikko’s column connection for seismic applications has been used in many projects in Italy. Customers appreciate the technical and detailed description of the solution, which plays often a key role in winning the project.

Once again, Peikko ensures the best customer experience by offering the latest expert knowledge for precast frame connections and providing continuously updated documentation.

Elena Camnasio

Elena Camnasio got a M.Sc. Degree cum laude in Building Engineering and a PhD cum laude in Structural, Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (Technical University of Milano, Italy). Since 2014 she has been working for Peikko Group as R&D Engineer focusing on product development for seismic applications.

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