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Keeping the wind turbine foundation rolling in times of the global crisis

By Peikko's blog team

May, 28, 2020

Our wind turbine foundation business covers 50% of all foundations in Finland, Sweden, and Norway. 

In these countries, we manufacture over 400 wind turbine foundations every year. We don’t mention this to brag – we just want you to know that we have the production optimization covered. Because of the huge volume, we already have our production optimized and we are ready for projects – even in difficult times.

We have learned along the road

Our long history with project management and construction project industrialization in over 50 000 projects gives us a clear vision of all types of projects and all types of possible glitches. Knowing that there are peaks, downtimes, and other problems that can harm deliveries, we have optimized our production structure for vigorous project business. This is why issues like strikes, global pandemics or global market wars do not affect Peikko as much as many other companies.

Our factories in Finland, Lithuania, and Slovakia serve overlapping wind energy projects. Because our factories have parallel processes, the same quality management systems and integrated production management systems, the customer knows that they’ll receive high Peikko quality from each factory. If needed, we can also shift the production from one place to another overnight.

In‑house production for smooth workflow

Most of Peikko products are done in‑house to ensure the shortest possible information flow from design phase to production. This way we can optimize delivery times and accuracy. We use the same workflow with our subcontractors. We cooperate with the subcontractors not only to secure your projects even in the highest peak times, but also to learn new technologies from them. In addition, they can provide service for the projects that are difficult to reach for our existing factories. However, this hardly ever happens since we have factories in eleven countries in North America, Europe, Middle East, China, and Australia. We can and will utilize all of them to make sure your project runs smoothly even in uncertain times.