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Preparing for the great opportunities ahead

By Topi Paananen

January, 8, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that your outlook on the future can either be optimistic or pessimistic. But typically, only the optimistic, forward-thinking companies can change the world for the better. We at Peikko aim to be one of them.

In order to be prepared for these future challenges, we have committed ourselves to several investments:

To meet the needs of our customers, we currently have an ongoing 20 M€ investment program for manufacturing and logistics, the largest ever in Peikko’s history. The program includes, for example, a new DELTABEAM® factory in Lithuania, a new factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as new machinery in other factories. We need to be more and more clever and flexible with our manufacturing towards our customers.

In addition to relying on reliable software partners, in 2017 we have recruited a core team of our own in-house software programmers. Peikko Designer® updates and new modules will be launched faster to support our structural designer partners. 

We are also planning to launch several new products, product localizations and product revisions during 2018. In the most recent issue of our customer magazine CONNECTIONS you can already read about WELDA® Strong Anchor Plates, our new product for heavy load applications that will be officially launched in Q1, 2018.  

And finally, we have recruited more than 40 new white-collar employees during the last 12 months, mostly for technical customer support and sales functions. This is our biggest contribution to increase customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that you will have capable, well-trained personnel to assist you.

Having done all this, we believe that we are ready for the great opportunities ahead. And we very are willing to contribute to Your building project success.

Topi Paananen

Chief Executive Officer

Peikko Group Corporation