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DELTABEAM® with wooden slabs – architectural dreams elevated

October, 1, 2018

Modern architecture of the world is not inclined to use templates and standard solutions. Even more, the synthesis of various materials appearing incompatible at first glance, is becoming more and more common when designing new buildings. This provides exceptional opportunities not only for design solutions but also for the construction implementation of a building. One of the non-standard solutions is provided by Peikko: the ability to combine wooden building structures with DELTABEAM® Composite Beams made of steel.

Sometimes your project benefits from shapes other than right angles and straight lines. Maybe you are looking for that extra wow factor needed to design landmark architecture and a more lucrative project with cantilevers and curves? With custom-shaped and in-built formwork in the composite beams, you will have more architectural freedom while benefiting from the efficiency of the DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure. The lack of visible beams and grids of up to 12x16 meters opens up limitless possibilities when it comes to the interior and poses no restrictions for functionality of space. DELTABEAM® has been used in projects of world-renowned architectural studios such as Henning Larsen Architects, BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group Architects), 3XN, and C. F. Møller. 

As if that were not enough, DELTABEAM® is also easy to install thanks to the use of standardized connections. It allows for a slim floor structure that simplifies HVAC design and installation. This has implications for building’s sustainability indicators. Choosing a slim floor structure for your new project means more floors for a given height of a building – you can gain one extra floor! DELTABEAM® is most commonly used with hollow core slabs but is compatible with all the other slab types as well – including wooden slabs.


New era of wooden architecture

Since the very beginning Peikko has focused on the production of high-quality building components, allowing construction processes to become easier and faster but also to provide exceptional design solutions. The first project where DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure was implemented in wooden building construction, was in 2011 in the town of Ruggell in Liechtenstein. The solution was used in the sales rooms and production facilities of an industrial kitchen constructor, Marxer Gastrochem AG.

 The concept came into being during informal talks with the client and soon became a real project. The idea of ​​using DELTABEAM® in combination with wooden structure is appealing to the customers because it enables reducing the thickness of the ceiling, which means more room space. Additionally, it allows protecting the ceiling from the impact of shear forces – without sacrificing the efficiency of construction.

Architecturally, wooden surfaces give an impression of warmth and the proximity of nature. They feel nice to touch and are aesthetically appealing. An exposed wooden ceiling opens architectural possibilities that concrete does not support.

DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure has already been selected for several public, industrial and residential wooden building solutions in, for example, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The combination of steel, wood and concrete is well-appreciated because it gives the building better fire resistance properties, provides the ability to design larger spans between columns enabling more open space, and creates lighter constructions. This combination is one concept with many possibilities.

Neringa Urbanė

Neringa is a marketing specialist at Peikko Lithuania. After graduating in Architecture studies, she worked mostly with architectural cultural events (exhibitions, lectures, creative workshops). While working at Peikko Neringa combines her architectural and marketing knowledge acquired through various cultural projects.

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