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DELTABEAM® and Timber Floors – A Winning Team

March, 1, 2022

DELTABEAM® Composite Beam is a superior slim floor beam that offers building height savings, flexible design, quick and effortless installation, and inbuilt fire capacity. The use of DELTABEAM® with timber floors can bring even more benefits.

In fact, the combination of steel, concrete and timber makes it possible to maximize the strong points of each of these materials and to obtain the optimal solution for a project, from structural efficiency to fast and safe construction process, to environmental criteria and sustainability.

DELTABEAM® hybrid timber structures allow to design longer spans than in the case of traditional full timber structures, with significantly reduced weight compared to other floor types, too. This brings advantages from the structural, architectural and energy-related point of view. On the one hand, the total floor thickness is reduced between 10 to 30 percent, and on the other hand, the wider structural grids create open spaces with layout flexibility. In addition, a more compact building design and the good insulating properties of timber help to reduce the heat exchange with the exterior environment and limit the associated energy consumption.

When DELTABEAM® Green is used in combination with timber floors, the environmental sustainability of the building is improved even more. In fact, DELTABEAM® Green is made with 90% recycled steel and produced by using renewable energy. The environmental impact of manufacturing and transportation is significantly less than traditional steel structures, as stated by the Environmental Product Declaration. On top of that, using of timber further reduces the carbon footprint, especially when local material is used.

Peikko initiated several investigations on DELTABEAM® Composite Beam with timber floor solutions to give evidence on the behavior of concrete, steel and timber as a whole and to provide reliable information to customers. The White Paper presents the first phase of the research program that focuses on the load transfer capacity of DELTABEAM® floor joint. Test results confirmed that DELTABEAM® can be safely used with both timber and timber composite slabs, and design recommendations are drawn accordingly.

Read the White Paper to know how DELTABEAM® and timber floors can be a winning team in your project!

More about the topic: Technical Manual: DELTABEAM® with Timber Constructions

Elena Camnasio

R&D Engineer

Peikko Group Corporation

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John K. Riley – March, 2, 2022
This is a very important design document that provides a large margin of design safety to structural engineers especially along the Pacific coast of North America.