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New White Paper: Position of Support Reaction Forces, Hollow Core Slabs on DELTABEAM®

October, 18, 2021

Peikko has published a new White Paper on Design Recommendations for Hollow Core Slabs Supported on DELTABEAM® – Position of Support Reaction Forces.

Floors with precast hollow core slabs supported on Peikko DELTABEAM® is a commonly used structural slab system. DELTABEAM® is a slim floor steel-concrete composite beam that is integrated into the hollow core floor.

As the design of this flooring system is carried out by two or more parties working on the same project, they must have efficient communications and a common understanding of design assumptions and the interactions between components.  

Peikko’s new White Paper presents a safe and reliable way of defining the position of support reaction forces for the hollow core slab on the DELTABEAM®, together with guidance on the dimensioning of the connecting reinforcement.

The White Paper is the result of close cooperation between Peikko and Consolis, a major European manufacturer of precast concrete solutions. The two companies have agreed on this design approach, based on engineering mechanics, standards and test evaluations for the various design stages.

When combining DELTABEAM® composite beams with hollow core slabs, it is important to consider the load transfer from slab to beam in different design situations, as well as avoiding separation and ensuring vertical shear resistance of the slab elements in case of a fire incident.

The White Paper is backed by extensive fire test research. A key part of the Peikko product range, DELTABEAM® itself has integrated fire proofing comprising the concrete-encased steel beams and, if required, additional factory-installed reinforcement. 

Read Peikko’s White Paper: Design Recommendations for Hollow Core Slabs Supported on DELTABEAM® – Position of Support Reaction Forces

Oliver Beckmann

R&D Engineer

Peikko Group Corporation