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Success through collaboration

By Matti Vartiainen

January, 2, 2019

A residential building is currently under construction in the city of Uralsk, Kazakhstan. The building consists of 9 apartment floors and additionally 2 technical floors. There is nothing very exceptional about all this, but the construction project itself is a proof of innovativeness and power of collaboration.

Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure has been successfully used in more than 10,000 construction projects worldwide since it was first introduced to the market in 1989.

 The Uralsk residential project is the first DELTABEAM® project in Kazakhstan and has also captured the attention of Kazakhstan public authorities. Innovativeness is very much supported in Kazakhstan, and the government is continuously looking for new ways to build faster, safer and more efficiently. They are following up this project with great interest.

 The Uralsk project is not a modest beginning. It consists of 308 pieces of DELTABEAM® with a total length of approximately 2 kilometres. The first stage of project development witnessed a lot of hard work by Peikko Belarus in close cooperation with a Belarusian design company which has created the general concept and structural design of the building. The erection team of Peikko’s customer, TOO “Bolashak-T”, was also eager to learn about the new technology. They have followed the installation instructions closely and easily adopted the given and supervised construction methods.

 Kazakhs are not the only ones to have learned something new. Various Peikko units are involved in the project and benefit from the smooth and professional collaboration. The final calculations and modelling of the beams are done by Peikko’s team in Slovakia. Simultaneously, Peikko’s Russian sales and engineering teams are learning the best practices throughout the project. The close collaboration between Peikko and TOO “Bolashak-T” has enabled us to build our customer’s trust on us.

 The first two beam batches have been manufactured in Peikko Slovakia. The rest of the beams are manufactured in Peikko Russia’s factory, which was launched in April 2018. The ramping up of Saint Petersburg factory is speeding up as the project proceeds. The project also works as a learning process to explore our production possibilities. A great number of design elements were tested and integrated on the beams, as required by the customer. Peikko Russia is now better prepared for future projects as the speed and quality of the production process has been refined. Meanwhile, the Russian team has gained a better understanding of the complete design and production process of DELTABEAMs®.

 Peikko Slovakia has offered its full support in terms of technical assistance for the project. The factory has hosted many Peikko Group employees from different countries as the project has proceeded. The erection of the first beams at the site has been supervised and assisted by Peikko’s Russian team. This was a very useful experience for the Kazakh erection team and the perfect approach for supporting the customer from Peikko’s side.

The Uralsk residential project is a good example of collaboration between different stakeholders and nationalities. Just like our values declare, we have respected and trusted each other, which has helped us to meet customer needs together. We aim to be better every day.

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